Fun on a Rainy Friday

It rained so hard on the way to camp on Friday.

All of the rain caused the campers to move to a rainy day schedule, which kept everybody inside. Even though the campers didn't have outdoor activities like bikes, Project USE and physical education, they were able to still have a great time!

Most of the campers gathered in the reading loft where they relaxed and watched a movie. Nature and percussion were still on and those groups went about their daily routine. Publishing also was hard at work finalizing the first edition of the Life Camp Times for the summer by taking pictures and finishing up stories.

Many groups got together in the rec hall for a little dance party or just played games.

The sun finally came out after lunch and campers were able to go outside for all of their regular outdoor activities. They went to the pool, rode their bikes and even played games of kickball and football.

Despite the tough start to the day, the campers still managed to have a great finish to the first week of camp! We all can't wait for next week already!