Favorite Memories
By: Katyyh Carter & Alanta McGill
At the end of each summer we look back and remember our favorite LifeCamp moments.  Here are some of the campers answers.  What's your favorite memory of LifeCamp 2014?

Aniyah Carmon – When Da’lexis slipped and fell in the pool.
Da’lexis – When we had drums.
Wayne Massay – Riding bikes with my dad.
Karon – P.E. is my favorite memory.
Zacadrea – When I had fun at the pool with my friends.
Naanaa – Me being able to have fun, hang with my friends, and messing with Mr. Franz and Caleigh.
Sanai – When I hung out with Naanaa, Jordan, Da’lexis, Juan, Jaden, and Karon. Asaad - Playing water tag in the pool and getting ice cream at least once a week.
Asia Harris – When we went touring on the farm.
E.T. – When we were at the pool dancing.
Bugsy – Making s’mores in Nature on Fridays.
Isaiah – When I went down a giant hill on the bike tours.
Alisha – When I first got in the pool.
Destyn – Meeting new friends like Alana, Daniel, Katyyh.
Alana – Meeting new friends and having fun in the blue group.
Katyyh – Time with my new friends.

What will the counselors and specialists remember most about the 2014 LifeCamp summer???

Dre - Debating with Cheese on basketball.
Jamal - Being around AJ and Ahmad.
Mr. Acey - Meghan getting locked in the computer room.
Mr. Kendall – Going in studio with Dre making ‘em beats .
Mr. Harris - Playing capture the flag with kids.
Caroline - Going biking.
Mr. Doc - Watching the soccer game.
Mr. Sloan - I have so many it’s hard to choose from them.  But, what I enjoyed the most was when the kids would start to relax and just enjoyed themselves making the movies.
Mr. Wayne – NOT THE LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Louis- Being able to teach kids how to ride bikes.
Ms. Jasmine - The new people and having fun.
Ms. Kiesha – When we went to the horse show, it was amazing.
T-Will - When the horses came and the kids got to touch them.