Dance Dance Dance
By Sadiyyah Crawford & Makkah Pierre

Since LifeCamp’s dances have been off the charts, I decided to interview Jasmine Loree.  You may know her as LifeCamp’s dance instructor.  Inspired to dance as a child, she’s always had a passion to do so.  During her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, and shopping at the mall.  Having been here for four years, she simply enjoys teaching children.  LifeCamp was first recommended to her by Andre, the Recording Studio instructor since Jasmine teaches Autistic children in Piscataway during the school year.  Her passion to dance shines through in all the choreography she puts together for the groups here.  Students also enjoy sharing their passion of dance with Jasmine. As you can see in the pictures, dancing can bring joy to your face. To see some of Jasmine's routines, go to our Facebook page!