Cross Country
by Stephanie Fluker

LifeCamp's first cross country race was exciting!  Even though people were tired from running around the campus they finished off in a good way.  Everyone tried their hardest.  All of the racers said that next time they are going to try to get a better time.  Jahad Jessup was the fastest runner with a time of 7:25.  He plays a lot of basketball, football, and soccer to help train for the race like today.  His prediction for his next race is 6:40.  Can he do it??  Jenna Keith, the girls' winner, felt happy and excited that she ran the mile in 7 minutes and 30 seconds.  Her prediction for her next race is 7 minutes and 10 seconds.  Mr. Henry coordinated the race and thought it was excellent.  "Everyone did a great job," he said.  Mr. Henry wanted campers to be able to complete a task that was given to them.  Even if people finished by walking, he was proud.  Campers will race again on Monday to see if their times have improved.  Good luck everyone!
Jahad Jessup wins the race with a 7:25 mile.
Jenna Keith was the girls winner with a 7:30 mile.
The Results
1) Jahad Jessup 7:25
2) Jenna Keith 7:30
3) Aaron Nieves 9:07
4) Tazmir Williams 10:46
5) Mr. Henry 10:45
6) Dynajah Speight 10:50
7) Tamari Southerland 11:11
8) Kyseem Cuffie 11:18
9) Justin Gunter 11:23
10) Aniyah Carmen 13:01
11) Zahra Aquil 13:34
12) Amare White 13:35
13) Amir Crawford 15:28
14) KC Campell 15:32
15) Kaylee Givens
16) Adim Amahie 15:45
17) Jennah Fenner 17:25
18) Blessed McClasie-Linton 17:25
19) Mark Fergeson 18:16
20) Darius Philbert 18:43
21) Yihana Curl 18:45
22) Leah Hudson 18:46
23) Jordan Tyler 18:51
24) McKayla Sanders 18:58
25) Zion McClashie-Linton 19:13
26) Geonasia Walker 22:56
27) Serenity Burr 23:13
The racers take their mark.
And they're off!
Look at them go!
Coming to the finish line.
All the runners should be very proud of themselves!