Camp Safety Tips

By Jordan Tyler and Keiana Eaddy

We want campers to have as much fun as they can every day at camp! We also want to make sure they are safe and prepared. 

Travis, the medical director, has been at camp for 13 years and spent last summer studying therapy in medical school at the University of Missouri. Travis loves helping kids and has been here so long he's practically seen every kind of injury!

Here are a few tips from Travis, the medical director, on how to have fun, but also stay safe here at LifeCamp!

1) Stay hydrated

2) Be careful on your bikes

3) No rough play

4) If you feel overheated, come to the nurse

5) Spray any sun tan lotion or bug spray away from your face and away from other campers

6) Always check for ticks

7) If you have asthma, tell the nurse