Camp Poll of Week 3!

By Sariah Richardson

Hello, my name is Sariah and I went and interviewed three different groups about what their favorite candy is.

There where 18 different candies that where chosen; Jolly Ranchers, Resses, Sour Patch, Swedish Fish, Hershey's, Twisters, Tootsie Rolls, Starburst, Twix, M&M Peanuts, Ring Pop, LifeSavers, Skittles, KitKat, FunDip, Snickers, Lollipops, and Cotton Candy.

In the results, Jolly Ranchers came in first with a total of nine votes. Starburst came in second place with six votes. Sour Patch came in third place with a total of five votes.

In fourth place, Tootsie Rolls, Swedish Fish, and Cotton Candy tied with three votes each. In fifth place, Resses, Hershey’s, and Snickers tied with two votes. In last place, Twisters, M&M Peanuts, Twix, Ring Pop, LifeSaver, Skittles, KitKat, FunDip, and Lollipops all tied with one vote.

I like a lot of candy, but if I had to chose one as my favorite, it would be Starbursts. This is my favorite candy because it has many unique flavors in different packages. Starbursts have different color bags and four different colors in each bag. My favorite color flavor of Starburst is the Orange flavor in the original bag.