Camp Poll of Week 1

By Sariah Richardson

Hello, my name is Sariah and I went to interview three different groups about what their favorite holiday was. There where seven different holidays that where chosen; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, their birthdays, Thanksgiving, and New Years.

In the results, Christmas came in first with a total of 28 votes. The 4th of July and Thanksgiving tied in 2nd place with four votes each. Valentine’s Day and their birthdays tied in third place with three votes each. Finally, New Years and Halloween came in last place with one vote each.

My favorite holiday is my birthday, which is New Years Eve. This is my favorite holiday because it is a special day just for me and it is during my school’s winter break. My birthday is the last day of December and the whole entire year. Also, my birthday is six days after Christmas, so if somebody didn’t give my Christmas present on Christmas, I get my Christmas present and birthday present at the same time. 

On my birthday, my family would go to another family member’s house and the adults would play their adult games while the kids would run around the house and play their own games. Once it starts to get close to midnight, everyone would gather in the living room and watch the live news at Times Square in New York on the T.V. Before that, we have cake and the adults have their drinks. Once the countdown is over and midnight strikes, we say “Happy New Year” everything starts to calm down and people start leaving.