By Jaelyn Carr and Zahra Aquil     

This week, we met the yoga instructors Marov and Kathy, who were nice enough to come by and help teach some of the campers. They enjoy yoga because it’s calming for them.

Marov, who is from Bedminster went through a serious brain in the past. Since the surgery, Marov has been through a stressed time in her life and yoga helps calm her mind when she’s feeling down. The one thing Marov loves about LifeCamp is dance. 

            The other yoga instructor we met was Kathy. Kathy is from Seattle and she likes yoga and biking on her free time. Kathy likes yoga because she likes to meditate and is looking for peace in her. That’s what got her into yoga. One thing Kathy likes about LifeCamp are the campers.

Yoga is a calming way to relax your mind from a stressed day. So if you are having a stressed day you should do some yoga. Yoga is a great way to keep all of the negative thoughts from coming into your day. Yoga keeps you calm and keeps your mind relaxed.

Yoga is also a great activity to help relieve pain, loosen muscles and help make you move better. Participating in yoga many times during the week also helps you sleep better and sleep longer. Maybe most importantly, yoga helps you build confidence in yourself and lets you be more energetic during the day.