What it's like having braces
By Keiana Eaddy

Braces are metal brackets and wires that go on top of your teeth to pull your teeth together. I am experiencing them now.

 What I like about  having braces is that  you can get any color  you would choose and  it will also pull my teeth  together. What I don’t  like about braces is that  you have to brush after  every meal, and you  also have to get them  tighten every  month. Most people in the world prefer invisible braces but I like the visible one because you can see better when you brush. Most people have a lot of a crooked teeth or gaps. I have lots of gaps so that’s why I have braces. 

The color I have is silver. You can also get your braces in the back of your mouth. It depends on how your dentist wants to start. I started by getting rubber bands. Many kids love braces so much that they would make their own braces out of rubber bands and earring backs. There are four million people who have braces, including 25 percent of adults.                                                                        

Always be sure to go to your local orthodontists. For a very long time people have been developing a healthy smile. Extra teeth have been putting lots of pressure on all sides of the mouth also people have mouth damage later in life. Braces help with teeth that have grown in incorrectly.