Boat Races
By Jordan Dodson, Alicia Wicks, Assata Griggs & Daziyah McCray
Group 8 spent all of week 1 making their boats in Arts & Crafts.  They made their boats out of Popsicle sticks and then decorated them.  Today the group went down to the river to race their boats!  Marguerite Toner won first place.  Her boat had a sail on it.  Kai Bryant came in second place, shortly after Marguerite.  What a close race!  Deziyah Buie came in third place for the day.  Everyone tried really hard and had a great time getting in the river! 
Later, group 3 was in the river with their boats.  They also prepared all week for this event.  Javon Tyler's boat was the fastest, coming in first place.  Jalah Fenner came in second place and in third was Robert Price.
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