Boat Races

This week a few groups participated in a friendly challenge!  Campers built boats to race down the Lamington River on Friday, July 11.  Soon to be Princeton student, Chris, and long time counselor, Emma, guided the campers through building their boats.  When we began Chris and Emma told us some things about density.  We then built our boats with Popsicle sticks, cork, and glue, which, all work well in water.  Younger groups built their boats using milk cartons.
The day of the race finally rolled around and Group 17 walked all the way to the bridge to start the race.  Emma and Chris helped set up the campers and then it was time to let the boats race!  After an exciting race, Himilayah's boat was the first to cross the finish line!  All campers really enjoyed themselves and can't wait to race again next year.
Emma and Chris explain the assignment.
Campers work on the design of their boat.
A younger camper lets his boat go.
The milk carton boats race down the river.
First Place Winner
Halimah Herbert
Second Place Winner
Brianna Taveras
Third Place Winner
Sania Owens