Bike Tour

    On Wednesday the 5th all of the advanced bikers in camp got to go on a bike tour. Everybody first met up at the biking shed during 2nd period. Mr. Wayne and Mr. Lewis helped everybody get their helmets and a bike that was comfortable for them. They went over all the guidelines and then we were off on our adventure. The bike ride to the farm was extremely intense. There was a trail through the forest that was straight up hill for about a mile!  Luckily, we were all advanced bikers and could handle the hard trail. Once we got up the hill, we went to the farm that was in looking distance. When we got to the farm, one of the women that worked there greeted us and explained a little about the farm. Then we got on a hay ride and went around the farm. We went through a shed that had cattle and chicken and later stopped where there were baby cattle and played with them.  They were adorable! We got back on the hay ride and rode around the farm. The view was beautiful. Later we stopped where the corn crops grew and got to pick our own corn. Some of the campers couldn’t wait till they got home to eat their corn and started munching away. After that we went back to the main entrance of the farm and had ice cream and were on our way back. It was another long ride back to camp, but everybody had a great time and enjoyed this new experience.  Hopefully we will get to go back next year!