Throw Back

Have you ever wondered what LifeCamp was like without Mr. Franz?  Well, our very own drama teacher, Mr. Sloan, was a summer counselor here before Mr. Franz ever got involved with LifeCamp.  
We asked Mr. Sloan many questions about 
his times back in the day when he was younger and a counselor.  Here is what we found out. We asked him,  "How were the days without Mr. Franz directing?"  Mr. Sloan said he started working here 40 years ago in the Boys' Club in 1981. When he was here at LifeCamp it was a sleep away camp!  Can you imagine? Men would sleep in what is now the computer room and women would would sleep in what is now the office.  The lunch area was the same. "Once we killed a snake!  It was about six feet long.  We killed it right outside of the kitchen," Mr. Sloan told us.  So what made Mr. Sloan leave this great camp in the first  place? "I think it was because I left college, so I had to work all year round."  But luckily for us, he's come back!  Why would he return to camp after so many years? "I came back because it's a beautiful place.  There's grass and trees everywhere and I love seeing new kids learn."
Outside of LifeCamp Mr. Sloan is an art, drama, and graphic arts teacher.  He has a documentary film coming out called "Journey to Man".  He wrote and sang the title song. So be sure to check it out!