Beats by Dre
by Sania Owens 
LifeCamp's recording studio specialist, Andre (you might know him as Dre), gives us a look into his background away from camp.  He also talks to us about his inspirations, favorite artists, and more.  Dre has been working at LifeCamp since 2008, now in his sixth year.  He started getting into music when he was in third grade.
What was his inspiration?  "Most importantly God, other talented artists, friends, and family," Dre said.  He plays piano, guitar, trumpet, bass, drums, and the organ!  Wow!  During the school year Dre teaches music production and voice.  In his spare time he produces music.  The question we were itching to ask him was, "What skills do campers need to be successful in the Recording Studio?  Dre says that in order to be successful in Recording Studio you have to be able to stay on beat, articulate your words, and be expressive.  We know there are tons of LifeCampers that fit that description!
Dre's super computer.
A camper writes lyrics for his group's song.
A camper sings a verse for her group's song.