Basketball Superstar
by Brianna Taveras
Kirk Parsons is a regular 13 year old boy going into 8th grade in September.  Except that Kirk isn't your regular 8th grader.  He's a basketball superstar who one day hopes to play in the NBA.  But first he needs to go to high school and college.  He's considering a few high schools and among them are St. Patricks, Seton Hall Prep, Bloomfield Tech, and Morristown Beard.  He plays combo guard which is a combination of point and shooting guard.  Kirk started playing basketball at the age of three.  He says that his coaches taught him how to play, but his dad inspired him to play. Kirk has more than 15 awards since he first started playing.  That's pretty impressive.  Kirk says that hard work and dedication can lead to success and sometimes it's not always about winning, but about having fun and enjoying the game.  Kids should definitely listen to that advice!

Check out this clip of Kirk playing in a tournament in Florida.  Look for #15!