A Tip on Healthy Eating

 By Zoe Hopkins and Keiana Eaddy

On Thursday, the Rutgers Nutritional program stopped by the reading loft at camp. Their names were Sandra Grenci and Kathleen Morgan.

The two came here to help teach the kids the importance of healthy eating habits and some information on nutrition itself. They really liked coming here and interacting with all of the kids and watching them learn new things. This is their second time at camp in three years. They like everything but especially helping people stay healthy.

Sandra and Kathleen were nice enough to give us five tips on how to stay healthy. Here are their five tips.

1, Eat lots of fruits and vegetables 
2. Low fat dairy products
3. Lean protein foods 
4. Eat sweets in moderation 
5. Eat whole grain

It is so important to develop these good habits right away. The reason why it is so important to eat healthy so you can have energy, do things you like to do and do well in school and stay healthy as you get older.

We thank them so much for taking time out of their day to visit us and help us learn!