2nd Annual Spirit Week!

Last summer's Spirit Week was a big success. So, let's do it again!

During the fourth week of camp we will have our second annual Spirit Week from Tuesday to Friday!

Here is your guide for everything you need for each day. The more you participate, the more points for your team colors!

TUESDAY: Sports Day - Do you have a favorite sports team? If so, wear your favorite team shirt, jersey, hat, socks, pants, whatever! Backpacks are good too! Each article of clothing that shows a sport or sports team gets a point!

WEDNESDAY: Whiteout Wednesday - The name says it all. Campers will be encouraged to wear as many white articles of clothing on Wednesday! Each shirt, sock, hat, bag, lace, and more will be worth points!

THURSDAY: Mismatch Thursday - Tired of wearing the same pair of shoes or the same pair of socks or just even trying to match? Now's your chance to wear two different shoes on your feet. Want to wear a blue sock and red one? No problem!

FRIDAY: Color Day - Spirit Week closes with the first Color Day of the summer! Campers are encouraged to wear clothes that match their team colors! Each article of clothing that matches your team's colors will earn points!

We will also have plenty of fun camp tournaments during those days as well. Start getting prepared now! 

Here are some pictures from our first-ever Spirit Week last summer!