2017 Home Run Derby

By Jaden Holloway

Aaron Judge hit 47 home runs Monday night to win the 2017 Home Run Derby in Miami. The Yankees outfielder hit a lot of his home runs very far. Four of Judge’s home runs went over 500 feet.

 Judge went up against Justin Bour  from the Marlins in the first  round. Bour was good and hit 22  home runs in front of his home  fans, but Judge hit 23 to move  on. In the second round Judge hit  against Cody Bellinger from the  Dodgers. Bellinger, who is another  rookie having a great season, hit 12 home runs before Judge came up. He was able to hit 13 to move on to the final round against Miguel Sano from the Twins.

A lot of people wanted Judge to face Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins in the final, but Stanton lost in the first round. Stanton won the Home Run Derby last year.

Sano started with 10 home runs and all Judge needed to win was 11. He hit 10 then hit a  458-foot homer to win. He is the first rookie to win the Home Run Derby outright.

Judge has been really good all season for the Yankees. He has 99 hits and his number is 99. He also hit 30 home runs and has 66 RBI. He even has a little cheering section at Yankee Stadium that dresses up like judges.

More people watched the Home Run Derby this year than the NBA All-Star Game and NFL Pro Bowl.